a new variety of rice


Reperso is a new variety of rice resulting from 10 years of research and five years of field experimentation. It cannot be compared with any other variety of rice and as such has been proven to be “Unclassifiable”.
From the plant to the grain, Reperso proves to be unique and superior to all others.
All regulatory authorities have certified and recognized the peculiarities of Reperso and have labeled it as new and unique.

The grain

Reperso is a true outsized; its grain is the largest among all recognized qualities of rice. Its greatness does not stop only at the size of its grain but rather includes all of its properties and opportunities they present:

  • Intense flavor yet delicate at the same time.
  • High nutritional value,.
  • High level of stickiness, characteristic particularly appreciated and requested by haute cuisine. Additional fats are not required to obtain the perfect creamy consistency.
  • Its ability to easily absorb flavors exalting all dishes, even the simplest.

Cooking method

Reperso due to its high degree of stickiness, peculiarities particularly appreciated and required by the high cooking, does not require the addition of further fatty order to obtain a perfect creaming.

Here are the instructions to get a basic risotto:

In a separate pan you heat up the broth.
Toast for two minutes the rice casserole without the addition of oil or butter; after roasting add finely chopped onion. Bake for about 16-18 minutes, adding broth as necessary, stirring until cooked. If necessary, add to the end of grated Parmesan cheese.

Nutrition declaration



In order to celebrate the sophistication and uniqueness of Reperso, a prestigious and elegant packaging was designed.


As well as maintaining all the known dietary and beneficial properties of rice, Reperso stands out for being even purer and healthier than others; only the rice from the first selection is brought to market.


Agricultural Lodigiana has implemented a very close-knit production chain for Reperso; the Halvi Company for technical and logistical support in addition to only 6 farms from the Vercelli area which follow a rigorous protocol have been involved. Reperso is a rice grown in Piedmont and exclusively in the province of Vercelli.


Reperso is a high quality rice, created to be a product of excellence, ideal for the experienced consumer and haute cuisine. Its production will always be limited thus preserving its uniqueness and very high quality.

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