Who we are

Our brand stands for quality and reliability.

Agricola Lodigiana is a company located in Ronsecco, near Vercelli. Lodigiana belongs to a farmer family that since 1998 works and provides 100% italian Rice in the world. Our brand stands for quality and reliability.

We operate with the latest technology, while maintaining the old and rigid criteria of processing, in respect of the surrounding environment.

Our products are prepared with the utmost authenticity, without the use of artificial ingredients.

Perfection in every grain...

Quality control

Our brand stands for quality and reliability.

Every product comes from our home and this allows us to analyze each production process, from processing to packaging. To guarantee this within the company there is a complete supply chain, enabling us to ensure the traceability of all the raw materials used.


We have established a Quality System compliant with European standards UNI EN ISO 9001. Our products respect the HACCP control system, ensuring the origin and traceability of the product. We have achieved the organic certification according to the Regulation 834/2007 and we are subcontractors of biodynamic Demeter method.


Our story...

Eusebione family cultivates the land of Lodigiana farm.
Begun in Cascina Lodigiana the processing activities of our rice production with a small rice mill craft and start retailing only sacks of rice from 1/2/5 kg.
- Agricola Lodigiana establish in 1998 and at the same time we bought machine that produces and packages the ready risotto.
- Beginning of our journey in the organic market.
- Purchased new equipment for production and rice vacuum packaging in cardboard box.
- Implement and realization new factory outlet.
- Made new processing plant rice (rice mill).
- We have obtained Quality UNI EN ISO certification.
Made new plants production and packaging rice cakes.
We have obtained DEMETER certification.
Movement system and new production machinery cakes in Palazzolo V.se.
We announce the sale on the market of REPERSO, a new variety of rice.
We announce the sales of CARNAROLI CLASSICO, the true, unique and inimitable 100% Carnaroli.